Happy 60th Birthday Ingleside!

Happy 60th Birthday Ingleside!

Ingle: A domestic fire or fireplace. Word origin: Early 16th century (originally Scots): perhaps from Scottish Gaelic aingeal ‘light, fire’, Irish aingeal ‘live ember’. - Oxford Dictionary

If you come to settle in Ingleside, you will soon learn that it's a community that welcomes you and makes you feel like you are cozying up by a warm and inviting fire. Perhaps that’s because there is a collective knowing that being uprooted and moving to a new place can be hard. Ingleside - when we first moved here four years ago, I pondered at the name of our new hometown. A quick google/dictionary search revealed that it meant very simply: fireside. 

Ingleside is one of the new towns that was created out of the expansion of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Sadly the new towns meant that they were replacing old towns that now are no longer in existence, other than in people's memories and history. 

According the the Cornwall Community Museum's website, the new settlement called Ingleside, created in 1957 "was made for the former inhabitants of Aultsville, Dickinson’s Landing, Farran’s Point and Wales". 

My guess is that part of Ingleside's spirit of welcoming comes from a history of people who were forced to be resilient. It must have been very difficult to see family homes, and whole towns full of history and memories come crashing down. I can imagine that, what must have felt like a bit of trauma and devastation to some, also prodded people to come together in support of one another and an earnestness to build a new community based on shared memories and history as well as hope for the future. In a few short years, my family has come to love and feel very at home in Ingleside.  So comfortable, that I felt led to open my shop here: The Village Green Flower Shop.  Nestled in the middle of our plaza, I am happy to have gotten to know so many of the kind, caring residents of the area.  We are blessed to live along a beautiful river with bike paths, and nature trails, beaches and more. Though the river took with it some things, it also revealed that people are strong, and full of overcoming. If you haven't been to visit this lovely town, I encourage you to take a drive along the lovely Hwy. #2. And if you are from the area, take a moment next time you are sitting next to a backyard campfire, to remember the people of the past who had to let go of a lot, but who persevered in making this such a great community to be a part of.

In light of the meaning of the town's name, it is fitting that one of the main celebrations in the town (as well as others throughout the year) is put on by the Ingleside Firefighter Association. They have put a lot of work into organizing Celebration 60 which takes place this Saturday, July 21, 2018 starting at 12:00pm and offers a full day and evening of free activities for all ages. Children's activities include inflatables, pony rides, face painting, and a children's firefighter obstacle course. Spectators of all ages won't want to miss the Fire Guy's performances at 1:30pm and 3:30pm where you will see fire juggling, fire eating, fire breathing, skateboarding and more! 
Enjoy the beer garden, the Schneiders / Foodland Community Cruiser BBQ, a vehicle extrication demonstration, music by Alex and Ethan MacIsaac, a dunk tank to support the new Ingleside Park, a display by the Lost Villages and live entertainment starting at 5:00pm by The Shiners, Kilts, Riffs and Spurs and Hadrian's Wall! All proceeds of the event will benefit the Ingleside Firefighters' Association. 

Please join us!


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