2017 Wedding Season is upon us!

The holidays are over, Valentine's roses have been ordered, and while I prepare for the big "love" day, my mind is also shifting to preparing for wedding season! This is the time of year when many brides and grooms begin their search for the finishing touches to their perfectly planned day. The big things like booking the venues, music, photographer and catering are taken care of. Now it's time to focus on the fine details like hair, make-up, and flowers! 

If you are planning a spring wedding, then we are nearing the 2-3 month mark where you should be booking your florist, and finalizing your selections. If you are planning a  summer or fall wedding then you have a little more time, but remember that weekends book up quickly, and even if you are not ready to narrow down and select your flowers, it is best to book your favourite florist and make sure you will have their skills and expertise available for when you need them.

 My days as a floral design wedding consultant have somewhat changed over the years. Before the popularity of the internet (yes, I have been a florist for that long!), much of the the decision making regarding wedding flowers was often done at the flower shop while looking through pages and pages of bouquets in an array of styles and colour combinations. The most prepared brides came to the appointment with small clippings from magazines, or photos from a friend or relative's wedding. Today's Bride has an endless source of images online to peruse and save and often come in with a good idea already of what they like. 

In preparation for meeting with your florist, my recommedation is to take some time browsing online, create a Pinterest account or a photo album on your phone if you prefer, and start saving images that attract your attention. Even if it's not exactly what you want, there may be some part of the design, flower or colour combination that can be meshed together to find the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding. For example, you may like the colours of one bouquet, the size and style of another, and some of the flowers used in another - save them all and when we meet, I can help you determine what it really is that attracts you, and how we can merge them together while sticking to your budget. 

The "B" word: I am a small town florist.  I have had experience doing weddings for large, lavish floral budgets, and I have worked with couple's with a smaller, modest floral budget.  I never want to make anyone feel pressured to go beyond their budget. I am happy to work with you on any budget to create something beautiful for your special day - it can always be done - they are flowers after all!  

So, let's book a consultation! You should allow yourself 2-6 months to book your favourite florist (I'm hoping that will be me)! Don't panic if you've left it to the last minute and you don't fit in the recommended time frame.  Just give us a call or an email and we will always come up with a way to add beauty to your day!  When booking the complimentary appointment, allow yourself about an hour of time to be at the appointment.  Bring in any swatches of material from dresses you may have, photos you have saved, and any other items that will help in matching colours.  I always ask to see a photo of the Bridal Gown for colour and style.  The flowers can mimic lines or curves in the dress, and often little embellishments can be added to the flowers to tie in with the look of the dress to create a cohesive look. The dress also sets some of the tone of the wedding, whether it will be more formal, or casual - knowing what the dress looks like, helps me to design the flowers so they will enhance the chosen mood as well. No detail is too much to share.  We will work together to create a perfect look!

After stepping away from being a florist for several years to raise my family, it is fun and interesting to see the changes that technology has added to the business.  One thing that hasn't changed is my love of designing wedding flowers and working with brides to help them determine the look and feel they want their wedding to convey. Congratulations & I look forward to working with you! 

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