Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

 Flowers have an important role to play at a funeral. They bring a sense of warmth and comfort.  They convey for the sender sentiments of caring and love which are often difficult to put into words.

For the Family :

Flowers can be customized to reflect something special about the person being remembered, and personal items can be brought into the shop to carefully, and meaningfully be incorporated into the design. 

We are available to discuss and to help family members choose meaningful floral arrangements that suit the occasion of their loved one's passing. Knowing that this is a difficult time, and many decisions need to be made, we are here to help you in selecting the flowers and arrangements. We invite you to call or come into the shop where we can arrange a quiet consultation.

In Sympathy:   

Sending sympathy flowers are a special way to send your support and love to the family. Sympathy flowers are designed to create a nice display in the funeral home and are often designed to be one-sided and showy.  These pieces can be designed in a traditional or more modern style and are ideal to be displayed in the church or by the graveside after the funeral.  Vase arrangements, table arrangements, plants or planters are nice to send as well, so that the family can bring some flowers home with them.

     We will always do our best to acquire any special blooms if there is enough time to do so.  It is also helpful to come into the shop (or phone) to see the selection of flowers that are available.  Because of the nature of funerals, I am happy to come in on weekends or holidays if required. On long weekends and holidays, calls will be forwarded so that we can serve you. 

*We offer no charge delivery to all area funeral home on orders of $100 value or more. These include: Brownlee Funeral Homes in Ingleside and Finch; Marsden & McLaughlin Funeral Homes in Iroquois, Williamsburg, and Chesterville; Parker Funeral Home in Morrisburg; Hulse, Playfair & McGarry in Winchester; and all Funeral Homes in Cornwall, Ontario. (When ordering online, you can select local pick up to avoid a delivery fee being added to your order OR we will add the delivery charge into the value of the flowers).