About us

The Village Green Flower Shop hasn’t been around for a while, but it previously served the area for many years. Elise, along with her parents who owned the shop in Morrisburg, made the difficult decision in 2004 to close the shop due to changing family needs at the time.  Several years later with their family grown, Elise decided it was time to revive the classic name of the shop which had served the area for generations with excellent customer service, and superb quality and value. 

Elise is a talented and skilled designer whose main focus is on serving the community around her.  She strives to create arrangements that speak for the heart of the sender.  It’s more than about making pretty flower arrangements—it’s about connecting with people and helping them convey thoughts and emotions at some of the most significant moments of people’s lives whether it be the arrival of a new baby into our world, or a celebration of a life well lived.  Flowers are for the grand moments we celebrate like weddings and anniversaries, and graduations, new homes or jobs, or to send to the friend who is struggling with life and needs a little pick me up, or the grandparent who feels lonely and needs to know someone thinks of them even when they can’t be near. Life is full of moments, and flowers convey so much when we want to reach out and say ‘thanks’, ‘I care’, ‘I love you’,  ‘I grieve with you’, or ‘I celebrate with you’.

Our delivery area includes Ingleside, Long Sault, Cornwall, Finch, Avonmore, St. Andrews West, Chesterville, Winchester, Williamsburg, Morrisburg, Iroquois and some areas beyond and in between. 

For a florist you can trust to help you convey those messages, you are invited to contact Elise at the newly opened flower shop in Ingleside: The Village Green Flower Shop.  For your personal or business needs, please call 613-537-5224 and talk to us today!