A Day in the Life . . .

Hi, This is me captured by my new friend, and talented photographer, Ang Waterton. She took these photos to help me create the story of a day in my life in happy place: my flower shop.
Hi there, this is me - captured by my new friend and talented photographer, Ang Waterton. She came to help me tell the story of a day in the life at my shop ~ my happy place. 
This is one of my favourite shots . . .
This shot reminds me of one of a favourite verse for when life gets messy and hard.  It tells us to stand firm in faith that things will get better, and trust. Here are some translations of a line in Ephesians 6:13:
“and having done all, stand firm” (ESV)
“to stand firm in your place–fully prepared, immovable, victorious”  (AMP)
“so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet” (MSG)
None of us are strangers to hard times. Some days when I look down at my feet and the mess that surrounds me, it reminds me of life. That's when I look up and see all the beauty that truly surrounds. So the message is stand firm, look up, and find the good! 
Surrounded by beauty:
I didn't love this photo at first - I was shocked at how wrinkly my hand looked! But, I love being in my 40's because it's the first time in my life that I have the confidence to say, this is what I want and I'm going for it. "Let what you love be what you do". 
The smallest finishing touches are as important as the more obvious parts, and often are only enjoyed by the one who holds the bouquet most closely. 
The final product. This is when I feel relieved, happy, accomplished and nervous. 
"It is such a vulnerable thing to make a thing and put it into the world. And it doesn't matter how many times you do it, it's a new experience every single time and every single time it has unknown outcomes and every single time it's scary." ~ Melissa Gilbert speaking on her book, Big Magic
Thank you for taking the time to peek into a day in my life. Thank-you Ang, for these lovely shots and for spending those couple of hours with me to help me tell a story of what I do and love! It was more than fun!
xo Elise